Get Involved

Together we are building towards becoming a body of Christ true to its original intention; a community of believers that is founded on knowing, loving, enjoying, and proclaiming Jesus Christ. We are each individually called to live together as a Christ centered community in accurately portraying the heart and glory of God.

Growing Together
We encourage our newcomers to take New Family Class and members to Discipleship Training.
* New Family Class. This class meets once a week for 4-weeks and you will learn about our church's vision, various ministries, and how to grow as a Christian. Newcomers must complete this New Family Class before getting involved with other ministry.
* Discipleship Training I, II, III. As believers, we are called to "make disciples of all nations" (Matt 28:19), both at home and abroad. In the Discipleship Training, members will learn about how to grow as a Christian, salvation, basic doctrine, Christian faith, ecclesiology, church leadership, basic theology, service, etc.

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