New Family/Membership Class

We know how scary it may be to get plugged into a new church, so we offer a New Family/Membership class to make the transition fun and easy!

What is the New Family/Membership class?
New family class image Our New Family/Membership class is for all newcomers who have decided to regularly attend GMC. All newcomers interested in becoming a member of GMC take a 4-week class. This class is designed to introduced new members to who we are as a church and what we believe in. During the first week, new members are formally introduced to GMC. Throughout the following weeks, we discuss the doctrine of salvation, how to establish a solid Christian walk with God, and teach about our church's history. On the last week, the EM hosts a newcomer's party where you are formally welcomed as GMC members.

What's the difference between a member and visitor?
The major difference between a member and visitor is the commitment to church. Here at GMC, we believe it's important to become a member in order to be truly involved at church. When people solely visit our church, they do not share ownership of the church's growth, vision, and mission, and thus are not able to receive the benefits of church membership. We encourage all visitors to become members, but we are more than happy if you just stop by to visit!

How do I become a regular member?
Sign up for the New Family/Membership class. Please talk to one of the pastors or contact us.

  •  Topics
  • Week 1 Welcome to GMC
  • Week 2 About salvation
  • Week 3 Christian walk
  • Week 4 About GMC / Membership lunch